So, where to begin...

Hello everyone...

Here's a background to my fitness life and why i've ended up here:

So, for all my life I;'ve weight over 105-110 KG (16.5 stone max)
Fairly muscular legs but the rest of me was pure fat.

for years couldn't be bothered to do anything and then last july my friend introduced me to the gym.

give it 3 months after and I lose about 3 stone (get to around 90KG)
I then realise I've got a 40 inch pigeon chest (hense the name)

I've also got really bad kyphosis and apt + lordosis

4 more months I've lost more weight and gained a lot of muscle

been doing stretches everyday for 2 months, gotten the APT kyphosis and lordisis a lot better but still nowhere near where I need to be...

Anyways, ex fat man who now goes to the gym often twice a day, strength in the morning & cardio in the evening...

Few friends on steroids and they're getting great results + a few of them are fixing their postural issues really quickly.

Basically because of how large my chest is I really wanted to get involved in body building and I've started to take it really seriously.

Probably rambled but that's whats brought me here and I liked the look of the site so I signed up