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Thread: Are these Real DBOL?

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    Quote Originally Posted by alumni View Post
    sorry if this is old, but if they are fake does that mean they do not have any active ingridient in them? these look like the ones my bud got from M4B
    I don't understand what you mean here, if they are fake that means they are no good. so they would not have any active ingredient in them.. But i am not sure what you mean active ingredient.. Please fill me in here..

    And welcome to IS man.. glad to have ya aboard, please introduce yourself in the introductions part of the forum..
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    thanx for the welcome brother...

    what I came to understand (which may be wrong) that some fakes are still containg the actual claimed chemicals but are not made by the actual manufacturer thats being faked, because counterfeiters know that people will buy a known brand as opposed to brand x.

    Are pretty much all Internet suppliers fakers looking to make $? because it does not take a genius to realize that a store front with pretty lil pics of (AS) usually means scammer or fake products.

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