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Thread: extremabolic test 400 and tren fake or legit?????

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    Default extremabolic test 400 and tren fake or legit?????

    Hello everyone, im from land down under and got the stuff from some guy in the gym though I know that guy for two years but im not fully convinced with what he gave it fake or real???????????
    I have attached the photos with test 400 on right and tren as he said on left...test came with the label in the photo and tren came with no label at all..

    Please bros help me...[IMG][img=][/IMG]
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    This looks like a UG lab product. Can't really say if it's real.

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    but are there any identifications that can be done like texture, thickness, smell which can give approximation of the gear being fake or real???

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    I've seen the gear, I just don't know much about it.
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    I knew someone who used this brand and if I remember correctly it worked for him, so I think its real but can't promise you.

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