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Thread: Help - Is this Fake HGH and Why

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    Default Help - Is this Fake HGH and Why

    Please tell me if this is fake and why you know its fake. I have done alot of research on the internet and I have yet to find the company or product GENETROPIN, what I have found is GENOTROPIN which is a different spelling. Even Google suggests the second use.

    I also know when I go to mix the GH that the vial does not suck the water out of my pin. What I mean by that is when you have pharm grade stuff usually it is pressurized and will pull the water out of the pin without you having to push down on it.

    Anyways this is a huge help, and I would really like to know right away if it is real or not and why you think so.


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    It definitely looks "generic". Doesn't necessarily mean it's fake, though it doesn't look professional. The words "iffy" and "suspicious" come to mind. But there is no way to know without taking it. It could well be a real product made in some lab in China. But I would think they would try and put a more professional label on it. But who knows? They may not even speak English. Good luck.

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    Some other things that I am trying to figure out is what kind of printing and labeling are on the bottles of GH? Because I was able to peel off this "sticky" label very easily without any stickiness to scratch off (you know what i mean).

    When using real GH and you put the pin in the vial with water to mix it, shouldn't the vial be so pressure sensitive that it sucks the water right out of the pin?

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    Well yeah, that's why I say "iffy". It's not made in a "legitimate" lab. No way. But there are "cheap generics" made in China and someone could have gotten ahold of that and put those cheap labels on them. That's why I said there's a possibility it's real. But I hear you on the lack of vacuum too. I don't know. Honestly I'd be a bit concerned if it was me. But I'd still pin it. Unless you can get your money back.

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    Your thread caught me cause I bought couple kits over past 2 years from a friend who sells and these are not labled at all... the vials look just like yours just no lable. He/they say its generic blue top hgh but real and ive just had to go by their word. The ones I have had didnt have the vacuume either and to push the water out of the pin into vial to mix. SO, now ya got me wondering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StrappingYoungLad View Post
    Well yeah, that's why I say "iffy". It's not made in a "legitimate" lab.

    I mean the label is not that of a reputable lab.

    .. there are "cheap generics" made in China and someone could have gotten ahold of that and put those cheap labels on them. That's why I said there's a possibility it's real.
    Did you notice any sides like tingling in your hands, or notice results? Like I've said, there are a few labs making this and you can put on your own label or none. But to put on such a cheap, fake-looking label makes me question these peoples' intelligence, if not the product. As crappy as it looks, it could be real. Or it might be total BS. There's only one way to find out. Pin it.

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    haha, yea I have to trust my sources words too, unfortunately in this world people could give a shit about your health and for all I know it could be sugar. Now I did get legit gh from my supplier at one point because it did pressure pull from the pin and I totally noticed the results. The pins in the hands can go both ways, I mean yea i got some tingling in my hands but Im also doing 4 Ius a day right now 2 ius morning 2 ius after workout. I am trying to front run before I introduce Test and EQ.

    I mean is there any other way to figure this out besides doing the entire cycle feeling numb hands and hoping for the best?

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    Well if you have tingling in your hands at 4iu that's a good sign. It's not sugar. As I've said, there's a few labs making pretty much all the stuff whether it has a bluetop, redtop, label, no label, it's mostly all the same stuff. Which is good. Because nowadays it's easy and pretty cheap to get in China, so much less chance than the old days for it to be totally bunk.
    And as bad as those labels are and maybe the tops were crimped by hand, but it would appear that you have something real if you have pins.

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    I started at 2 iu a day and dont notice a thing, no tingly feeling, no nothing....humm. Is having tingly feeling in hands a good thing to show its real if so what if dont have this at 2 iu for a girl 124 lbs

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    It's not likely to notice anything @ 2iu a day. Maybe a little fluid retention or low blood sugar but probably not. And that's kinda subjective anyways so your mind could play tricks.

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