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Thread: help test cyp i think it is fake

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    Exclamation help test cyp i think it is fake

    got it from a friend and dont know if it is fake please help i would appreciate it thank you
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    The top looks hand crimped and there is a problem nowadays with Mexican gear being faked. It could be real though. What makes you think it's fake?.... The cartoon dog would indicate it's not made by a "legit" lab but again, proves nothing. Many real products are made by underground labs. If anything, a "fake" would probably try to look like something "legit".... I probably shouldn't even reply because I have no idea.

    But unless someone has used it and therefore knows, there's really only one way to find out.

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    I know I read about that mascot, and I think it was that it was discontinued years ago. check SBC's blog, from the last 2 months.
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    yes thats what i thought the little dog that made me think it is fake but i thank you two for your responses and what is sbc idk what that is and if anyone can help thank you

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    thats ooooooold school mexican vet gear......if its out of date i would say legit but if its recent i just cant be sure

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    Sydgroup use to be the name of the company and when they were legit back in the day that product would have been good to go... however who knows now after everything has went the way it has down south...


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