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Thread: Sustanon Nile Co

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    Just wondered if anyone has used these certain amps before and whether or not you think they are real? The 1st amp reads...1ml, TESTONON, 250mg/1ml, NILE Co, B.No: 911509, Manf: 12/11, Exp: 12/14. The second amp reads...the same but B.No: 911216, Manf: 6/11, Exp 6/14.
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    IMO it's had to tell... Just have to trust your source..

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    Get bloods done to confirm. Even great sources get bad batches from time to time. Mistakes happen so if your using a source for the first time get bloods. Any reliable source would want you to get bloods so you know they have high quality.

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    i dont like Nile at all.. always get your sustanon from pakistan karachi.

    Nile sustanon is weak

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    Bkue28 has it work for you...???

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