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Thread: *********d 500 or 300mg ?

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    Default Boldenone 500 or 300mg ?

    Hi i got a question. I bought at the store pharmacon in Europe 2 vials name phamabold 500 mg /ml and is Boldenone. And 1 box of Dianabol from pharmacon too. So after 3 weeks and 2 of them in the USA Customs i got my package . But when i opened only i got just 2 product the vials not the pills and in the manifesto to the custom said 2 items so i sent an email to them about that and still waiting for their answer . So now i got my doubts about the product i am not telling that is not real its real logo on the cap. Logo’s edges are clear and deep the logo in the bottle is made in ceramic dye and my doubt its that maybe they sent me the same ingredient but no 500 mg. maybe 300 mg because there is in two different doses 500 and 300 mg so now what do i do? I wanted to run 700 mg a week for 14 weeks or 600 mgs for 16 weeks . So any good comments will be appreciated thanks this are the pic of the vials . Add that the vials do not have originals labels they replaced for another one in order to disguise the product in the customs..image.jpg
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