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Thread: best aromatase inhibitor??

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    Default best aromatase inhibitor??

    i want to start my second cycle in a month and want to know what would be the best aromatase inhibitor if i want to run test e 500mg a week, HCG 250iu twice a week, deca 450mg a week, and dianabol 40mg ed (only for first 5 weeks) in a cycle of 16 weeks??? would arimidex be good or should i opt for letrozole or something else? please help me with your experience and suggestions. thanks...

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    Dont use hcg, use hcgenerate.

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    The best AI you can use is aromasin. Dose it at 10mg EOD. Aromasin is a suicide AI so there is no possibility of estrogen rebound. It can also increase IGF-1 by 25%. You can get it from you are running dbol and deca, you will also want to use caber at .5mg e3d for prolactin, and N2Guard for liver and organ protection. Do not use HCG as it will cause estrogen to spike and possibly gyno. Use hcgenerate from instead. Also, make sure to run the perfect pct - The Perfect Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) - ...

    It will look like this...

    Test 500mg
    Deca 300mg
    Aromasin 10mg EOD
    Caber .5mg e3d
    Dbol 40mg ED
    N2Guard 7 caps ED

    Perfect pct

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    First, I wouldn't use HCG with your cycle. HCG is some nasty stuff. It actually raises estrogen levels and often is what CAUSES the gyno people experience from their cycle. Read this: Did you know HCG is dangerous? -
    I would use HCGenerate instead. 5 capsules/day.

    Second, the best aromatize inhibitor is aromasin as it is a suicide AI and there will be no estrogen rebound when you discontinue usage. carries it. Dose 10mg EOD with your cycle.
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    Aromasin is definitely the best. In addition to the advantages mentioned above, it will also increase free test levels, as well as IGF-1 levels by up to 25%. Besides, it is very beneficial for the lipid profile, so aromasin is uncomarable to other AI's available on the market.

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