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Thread: AIs vs nolvadex

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    Default AIs vs nolvadex

    i have two cycles under my belt and gyno has always been a pain for me. i have been reading a lot about aromatase inhibitors and nolvadex and cannot make out which one is better. as far as i know, AIs only stop converstion of testosterone to estrogen. on the other hand, nolvadex blocks estrogen receptors. what do you say?

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    If you have gyno combine letro and nolva.

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    Nolva on cycle is an old and outdated way of doing things. You always want to run aromasin at 12.5mg EOD on cycle. Aromasin is a suicide AI so there is no possibility for estrogen rebound. Nolva has its place in pct. here is the best pct to follow after a cycle...The Perfect Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) -

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    the reason people tell you to use nolva on cycle is because back in the late 80's that was their best option and guru's would tell guys to do it.. and yes it helped people .. AI's did not come around yet

    today we have a great AI called aromasin and it is pricey but it is the best. not only does it work great but it also boosts IGF-1, while nolvadex drops it. so it is superior to nolva from A to Z

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    Nolvadex blocks estrogen from binding to the receptor but an AI prevents testosterone from converting into estrogen. Basically nolvadex puts a band aid on the problem where as aromasin actually addresses the route of the problem itself.

    The best AI is aromasin because it is a suicide AI and there will be no estrogen rebound when you discontinue usage. You can order it from
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