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Thread: ejaculation volume

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    Default ejaculation volume

    i have been using HCG for the last 4 weeks and was wondering if this thing can bring down my chances of recovery after i am done with my cycle. also, how should one deal with small loads while on bnc/cycles. heard proviron is damn good to increase ejaculation volume. is it really? what dose and how long to run?

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    You should try hcgenerate es, really increases ejaculation volume well.

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    HCG can indeed cause trouble with recovery, as it can be suppressive, and can also cause gyno. Besides, it will barely do anything for the natural testosterone production, so I would not use it, neither on cycle, nor on PCT. Instead use HCGenerate, which will really stimulate natural testosterone production, but will not cause any side effects at all. Besides, it will be really good for the semen volume. Proviron is good for libido, but it is not as good as HCGenerate and it will not really increase semen volume.

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    for volume you want to use what people have been using for hundreds of years.. fadogia, trib, mucuna etc. those ingredients can be found in hcgenerate ES. it really works, try it out

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    I feel like I am beating a dead horse a bit with what's already been said, but I wouldn't use HCG with your cycle. HCG is some nasty stuff. It actually raises estrogen levels and often is what CAUSES the gyno people experience from their cycle. Read this: Did you know HCG is dangerous? -
    I would use HCGenerate ES instead. 5 capsules/day.
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    I stay away from HCG personally. I don't want the estrogen rebound. I can tell you that hcgenerate and the ES version are very strong. I am personally using the regular version and notice a big differenc in libido.

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    Just curious about the volume concern??? In porn ******** or what??

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