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Thread: tren and kidneys

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    Default tren and kidneys

    i have been reading a lot about trenbolone and came to the conclusion that it can cause kidney issues. on the other hand, there are some sites and people who say there is nothing better than tren. how exactly should one dose and use tren? can anyone of you plz guide me on cycle length, duration, cycle support and PCT drugs?? thanks.

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    If you use trenbolone, you need to add n2guard and cardarine for tren sides.

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    Trenbolone's effects on the kidneys are overestimated. In part because of the darker urine color when using it, but this mostly has to do with the fact that its metabolites are of reddish color, and they get washed out with the urine. Hence this misconception. If you will use some good overall supporting supplement, such as N2Guard, there should be no problems whatsoever. You would also need to use cabergoline at 0.25 mgs EOD or E2D from the first day of the cycle, since trenbolone will increase prolactin levels, and caber will help keep that under control. Finally, it is not the best thing to run trenbolone solo, and it is better to stack it with testosterone. In such case you would also need to add in there some aromasin in order to control estrogen levels. 10 mgs EOD from the first day of the cycle should be enough for most people. Finally, Cardarine is an awesome addition to the cycle, since it will not add any side effects of its own, but it will reduce many of trenbolone's side effects, and will greatly improve the quality of the cycle.

    As for the PCT, it is best to run the perfect PCT. This way you will be able to make sure that you will keep most of the gains made on cycle, and will have an easy time recovering. Here you will find the detailed layout of this protocol - The Perfect Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) -

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    Tren does not cause any serious kidney problems, so I wouldnt worry too much about that

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    You can read up on trenbolone more here: Trenbolone -

    Tren is a very effective steroid, but it is also one of the harshest steroids in the way of side effects. Less is more when it comes to tren. A dosage of 200-300mg/week is good for tren. It is a nandrolone and will raise prolactin levels in the body so you need to use an anti-prolactin drug with your cycle. Cabergoline at 0.5mg E3D is a good dosage. You can order it from
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    Tren is the most effective steroid I have ever used. You can actually see your body changing while you are on it. Now, you have to have your diet and training locked in but that is a given. It is also a very harsh compound. you want to be in top condition before running a cycle. While I do not worry about the kidneys specifically it is harsh on the body in general. Do your research on the side effects vs the results and decide if it is the right thing to use.

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