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Thread: nolvadex question

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    Default nolvadex question

    i am on sust and deca durabolin 450mg a week of each and in week 6th of the 16-week cycle. a friend has enough supply of nolvadex, letrozole, and arimidex and i was wondering if it would be a good idea for me to run arimidex and nolvadex and not femara? or do you on the other hand aromasin?

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    Dont use nolvadex with deca durabolin, it's a bad idea.

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    Nolvadex will increase the sensitivity of prolactin receptors, and deca durabolin will increase the amount of this hormone. So by stacking them together you would be looking for prolactin related problems, which are quite nasty. In fact, you should also add some cabergoline into the cycle in order to control prolactin levels. A good starting dosage would be 0.25 mgs E2D from the first day of the cycle. And yes, arimidex would be a better choice than femarra, and aromasin would be the best choice. Anyhow, if you can not get aromasin, at least use arimidex at 0.5 mgs EOD ASAP.

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    Lev is on point, get yourself some caber and dont use nolva

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    why are you stacking nolva, letro on cycle? your friend is leading you wrong

    you should use neither.. use aromasin + proviron along with your deca on cycle. and I would use hcgenerate as well

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    On cycle you want Aromasin at 10mg EOD for your AI and caber at .5mg E3D as your anti-prolactin drug. You definitely want to stay away fron nolva while running deca. Some guys will not even run it in PCT.

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    Running nolvadex with a nandrolone like deca is a terrible idea because it up regulates the progesterone receptor.

    On your cycle you need to run an AI - aromasin at 10mg EOD or arimidex at 0.5mg EOD
    And an anti prolactin drug - cabergoline at 0.25mg EOD

    Deca is a nandrolone and increases prolactin levels in the body so you need an anti-prolactin drug with your cycle. You can order cabergoline from if you need a source.
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