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Thread: can't keep erections

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    Default can't keep erections

    for the last 3 years, i have been on testosterone therapy, 200mg every week. i am unable to hold onto erections even if i use viagra or cialis. i am 39, 195lbs, and 6'2" and was wondering if all this crap is bcoz of estrogen/prolactin problems. a doc friend suggested me to try out aromasin but when i asked abt the dose, he kept mum. is that useful and at what dose?

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    Use some dostinex maybe.

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    It could be either of those. Before using anything, check your bloods for estrogen and prolactin first

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    erections and libido are not black and white issues. it might seem like that to people but it isn't. issues there have so many factors

    it could be simply diet or sleep.. it could be stress. it could be heart problems. blood work is a good first step but i can tell you if you do not have a healthy body you won't get erections, its a growing trend

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    If you are on TRT then your doctor should be monitoring you through blood work anyways. I would make sure you check them and see what is going on with estrogen in case that is an issue. If so then you would want to be on a dose around 5mg EOD with your TRT dose. If that checks out fine then look at other issues like stress, lack of sleep, and having an overall healthy diet with lots of green veggies.

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    You should be using a small AI dosage with any dosage of testosterone. Even just a TRT dosage.

    On cycle - a good dosage of aromasin is 10mg EOD

    On TRT - a good dosage of aromasin is 5mg EOD

    You can order aromasin from if you need a source.
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    I've been on TRT for several years and this can happen. You really should get blood work done before just shotgunning it with ancillaries. You need to know these levels. Total and free test. Free test might be low. Prolactin my be high and estrogen could be high. SHBG levels can be effected as well and could be effecting your free (bio available) testosterone.
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    You definitely need to run a full blood work in order to see what is really happening there, and not base your decisions on assumptions. Once you do the bloodwork, you will see what can and should be done.

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