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Thread: can aromasin slow gains?

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    Default can aromasin slow gains?

    i am 38 and have been on and off cycles for the last 12 years. for the last 2 years, i have been blasting and cruising and have been using the same source. presently, i am into week 5th into blast cycle and using aromasin for the first time ever in my life, again bought from the same source that i really trust. i am taking 12.5mg ed aromasin and feels like it is slowing my gains. what could be the possible reason? how to maximize gains?

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    Use it EOD instead of ED.

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    estrogen is needed to grow muscle and gain strength

    as males we need balanced estrogen levels.. not too high and not too low either

    instead of having everyone speculate why not run blood work to see where your levels are, and then you are adjust your dosages from there

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    An AI like aromasin will not prevent muscle gains or anything like that. An AI keeps your estrogen levels in the low-normal range. This prevents side effects like gyno and water retention. You will gain less weight on a cycle with an AI vs a cycle without because there is less water retention. A lot of people think they are making less gains because the scale weight goes up less. That is completely untrue. You are just retaining less water.

    In fact, low-normal estrogen levels make for a more favourable muscle building and fat burning environment in the body.
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    With too high of a dose you could easily crash your estrogen. Aromasin is a suicide AI and therefore much stronger than something like arimidex. You need estrogen to grow so in theory if you crashed your estrogen it could slow your gains. I would recommend blood work first and then adjusting your aromasin dose as needed after that. A typical dose for most guys is 10-12.5mg EOD to stay in the normal range.

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    Well it could be that with aromasin your estro is relatively low and you are not as bloated as you would usually get. And you are mistaking gains with water weight

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