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Thread: depression, please help

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    Default depression, please help

    i just finished my cycle with:

    1-10 test prop 150 EOD
    1-10 tren ace 75 EOD
    4-10 winny 50 ED

    nolvadex 40/40/20/20

    into last week of PCT and must say something in the gear has brought me to severe depression. libido low as well. is this because of some hormonal imbalances, what can i do?

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    Not bad but add cardarine to the cycle and clomid to pct.

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    It is no surprise that you have depression when you ran such a bad PCT protocol

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    it is the nolvadex causing the problems. it is a common complaint with it. stop taking the nolva and stay on the hcgenerate and you will feel better after a few days i promise

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    SERMS like clomid and nolvadex can cause emotional side effects in a lot of people. Once you stop the nolvadex I suspect you will feel a lot better.

    I would try to tough it out and finish off your PCT. You should feel back to normal in about a week after your PCT.
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    These SERMS effect some people this way. Next time though I would run a more thorough PCT to ease this process.

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    Your PCT protocol is very weak, hence the fact that you did not recover properly, and consequently you are sufferring some of the possible consequences of not doing the right kind of PCT, especially after a cycle that is not mild. You should make your PCT a bit longer now, but add some more additional compounds as it is described in the perfect PCT protocol - The Perfect Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) -

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