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Thread: clenbuterol and creatine

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    Default clenbuterol and creatine

    i want to gain strength and get cut. do not want to get huge but be nice looking. want to stack clenbuterol and creatine. are they good and safe together? what will be the right cycle length and dosages, and what about PCT? thanks.

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    You should stack creatine with cardarine instead IMO.

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    While there is absolutely no problem in using creatine with anything at all, I would avoid using clenbuterol, as it was never meant for fat loss purposes, and when taken at dosages needed for that it will cause a lot of side effects (such as headached, crams, increased blood pressure, stomach disorders, insomnia, and many more stim related side effects). Besides, it is completely catabolic, so it will not only burn fat, but also lean muslce mass. Therefore, it will mostly reduce your overall mass, not just fat. What's more, it will also increase cortisol levels, which may lead to further fat gains, and other undesired effects.

    For this reason, I strongly recommend you to use some safer alternatives that were meant for fat loss and recomping all along. For instance, Cardarine GW will effectively burn fat, but at the same time it will maintain your lean mass. Additionally, it will greatly enhance your endurance and recovery, leading to improved cardio performance, which will ultimately help with fat loss even more. The best part of it is that it causes no side effects at all.

    You can stack it with N2Slin, which is a potent nutrient partitioner, which will redistribute insulin into the muscles instead of fat. It does not have side effects either, so it is completely safe to use. I have personally used both, and my wife has also done so - the results were always beyong expectations, and there were no issues at all.

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    clen works well for SOME guys, but the majority complain about the nasty sides and honestly the results are woefully poor compared to what you have to endure. the crappy thing is that to get actual results you have to hike up the dosage to the point where you start getting jittery and it really strains your heart.

    it sounds to me your best bet would be a better exercise program and diet, and grabbing a SARM's stack from sarms1 to aid with lean muscle gains and fat loss

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    Quote Originally Posted by braabaas View Post
    i want to gain strength and get cut. do not want to get huge but be nice looking. want to stack clenbuterol and creatine. are they good and safe together? what will be the right cycle length and dosages, and what about PCT? thanks.
    They are safe to stack. However, few things.

    First of all, clenbuterol on itself is not a safe compound (said its safe to stack them because they dont affect each other). Secondly, you do not need to do a PCT neither after creatine nor after clen. They do not affect your hormonal systems. In addition to that, clen is not as useful as most people think, it just boosts metabolism a bit, but in often cases it leads to burned muscle

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    The stack will not interact as creatine is safe with anything. It is only a few amino acids that you can get from food anyways. Saying that, it is still one of the most effective, safe, and cheap supplements. Clen on the other hand is a nasty drug. I know personally I cannot stand the side effects of headaches and high blood pressure.

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    Yes they are safe to stack together but I personally am not a big fan of clenbuterol.
    Clenbuterol is very over rated. Here's why -
    Clen simply raises metabolism. It does not differentiate between muscle or fat. Clen might raise your metabolism an additional 100-200 calories per day. You could just easily do an extra 15 minutes of cardio. I have used clen in the past and I always felt it did more harm then good. It caused muscle cramps when I was training and it really negatively impacted my sleep.

    There are better alternatives that directly increase fat loss, with no risk of loosing muscle mass and no side effects like insomnia or muscle cramps. Cardarine gw is going to be your best option. It directly increases fat loss, endurance and recovery. It is not a stimulant or a hormone and is pretty much void of side effects.

    I haven't used clen myself in years and don't recommend it to my clients at all anymore. If they are trying to burn fat, I recommend cardarine and maybe a good nutrient partitioning supplement like n2slin from
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