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Thread: gyno in week 7th

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    Default gyno in week 7th

    i started running my first ever cycle with testosterone enanthate 600mg a week for 16 weeks and in week 7th and have started noticing that my nipples have become very tender and i can feel a bit of pain if i press them. no redness or swelling. what should i use and what would be the dosage?

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    Add some nolvadex and cardarine.

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    First of all - were you using an AI to control estrogen levels? If not, this is the first thing you should be using now, and for the next time on, you should be using an AI from the first day of the cycle. Aromasin at 10 mgs EOD is the best AI these days. In addition to that, since you are already experiencing gyno symptoms, it would definitely be a good idea to do as @tealc says - add some nolva and cardarine GW.

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    I would say check your blood levels first for estrogen. Then, if they are too high, add aromasin or arimidex to lower it down

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    where is your AI?

    also 16 weeks on is too much for a first cycle. you can end up with serious gyno issues !

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    You are getting gyno because you aren't using an AI (aromatize inhibitor) with your steroid cycle. An AI prevents testosterone from aromatizing into estrogen and keeps estrogen levels in the low-normal range. You should have been running the AI since day 1 of your steroid cycle.

    Get aromasin and start dosing 10mg EOD.

    You can order it from if you need a source.
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    Already said about running an AI. This is so important. Testosterone aromatizes at a very high rate so an AI is very important with any cycle that includes test. I would get some aromasin ASAP.

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