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Thread: First time using T3

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    Default First time using T3

    i want to cut down a bit and thinking of running T3 and may probably add clenbuterol in the 8 week cycle. can I take some cardarine with it or sarms?

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    You should add cardarine 20mgs ed.

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    First of all, it is a very bad idea to use T3 for fat loss. You should never mess with your thyroids, because it is a very delicate gland, and you can end up with much worse results. Not long ago, I have personally seen the case of a lady who was taking it for fat loss. Everything went well in the beginning, and then she had a bad reaction to it, and had to stop using it. Ever since, she is gaining weight uncontrollably. All in all, you should never use thyroid meds without a proper prescription from your doc based on blood work.

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    I would not add cardarine, but drop t3 and use cardarine instead. When the results are getting sloppy, then maybe add clen.

    But no t3 tho

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    how about going the safe and effective route and using something that doesn't fuck with your hormones or destroy your heart

    N2slin + GW. give that a shot !

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    T3 and clen is an outdated and unsafe way of thinking about fat loss. You don't want to fuck with your thyroid and heart. What if your thyroid is not able to recover? That would be devastating. Clen sides are also terrible like the shakes, heartburn, and loss of muscle mass.

    I would much rather see you focus on getting diet in check first and foremost. Then I would look at things like Cardarine and SR-9009. Both of those are fantastic for fat loss and don't have side effects.

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    I agree with what everyone else said that cardarine + n2slin is a MUCH safer weight loss stack then t3 and clen but since no one answered your question on how to use the 2 drugs, I will.

    I explain how to use T3 for fat loss in this article here: Using Cytomel (T3) For Weight Loss -

    The best way to use clen is to start off with a low dosage and then increase the dosage every 2 weeks. Your body gets used to clenbuterol very fast so you need to keep increasing the dosage to get the metabolism boosting benefits. I would start off with 20mcg/day for 2 weeks, then increase it to 40mcg/day for 2 weeks, then increase it to 60mcg/day for 2 weeks, then increase it to 80mcg/day for 2 weeks then take a 8 week break and start the cycle all over again.
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