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Thread: trying my hands on ostarine

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    Default trying my hands on ostarine

    i want to start a cycle with ostarine. i am 24, 180lbs, and considering running it at 20mg for 6-8 weeks. will i need a testosterone booster and are nolva and clomid good for ostraine cycle too?

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    Add some hcgenerate and cardarine.

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    You can run ostarine for 8 weeks without the need for nolva or clomid. Of course you can add cardarine during the cycle and hcgenerate for after cycle 'recovery'

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    the whole purpose of using sarm's is that they are minimally suppressive. as long as you are using REAL SARM's, that is the case.. sarms1 has the real stuff.. if you use a fake pro hormone then it will be different, there are several companies out there selling fake sarms in capsulated form and getting away with it. they were sued for it, but won in court thanks to very clever lawyers, so are able to get away with it for now.

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    Most important is that you use products from sarms1 so you know you have legit Ostarine. I would make your dose 25mg per day and run a minimum of 8 weeks but preferably 12 weeks. The only thing for a PCT would be a strong natural test booster like HCGenerate ES.

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    There is no need for SERMS with SARMS, or at least with the real ones, so you will be well off without nolva and clomid. However, ostarine is indeed minimally suppressive, so a good natural testosterone booster is all that most people need for a PCT with it. Personally, I have used many different natural testosterone boosters, and only HCGenerate ES was good enough, and only this supplement gave me really noticeable and prominent results.

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    Hcgenerate and hcgenerate ES are really good stuff..i was suspicious at the begining..high much publicity here...but after some time i use it...
    And it works...and it make the mony spend on it.
    The t bomb 2 was good also...but now they produce t bomb 3 and it s bullshit....
    So the only alternative remain in hcgenerate

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