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Thread: Testosterone and itching skin

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    Default Testosterone and itching skin

    i have been using roids for long and this is the very first time that i am experiencing itching skin after using testosterone cypionate. the skin is warm and very itching. what could be the possible reason and how to get rid of this?

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    Maybe BA allergy possible.

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    Could be dirty gear or a bad injection

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    ask your source why. it is likely you aren't the only one who is experiencing this. he should offer to send you something else

    otherwise find a new source

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    I would contact the source and ask what kind of carrier oil they are using. Maybe you are reacting to it.

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    It sounds to me like you are getting an allergic reaction from the gear you are using. It's most likely from the carrier oil the UG lab suspended the hormones in.

    There is nothing you can really do about it besides switching UG labs. I would re-order testosterone from a different UG lab. Check the source reviews section on if you are looking for a source for a new lab. You can't go wrong ordering from the approved sources of like Roid Mass or Nordic Fusion.
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    There are basically two options - either you are allergic to some of the ingredients found in this particular oil, or you got yourself an infection there. If I were you, I would not inject anything there for some time, and see how it changes. If the redness and warmth remains, then most probably it is an infection, and you should visit a doctor. If this redness will subside when not injecting this stuff, then most probably you are allergic to this product, and you should switch the brand.

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