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Thread: PCT dosage query

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    Default PCT dosage query

    I just had a quick question about PCT dosage, i am talking precisely about nolvadex dosage. I am going to be using it to combat gyno that has just popped up. Should I expect the liquinol to be close to 40/40/20/20? Thanks in advance!

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    You are kind of asking 2 questions in 1.

    First off - nolvadex alone is not near sufficient for a PCT. Run the perfect PCT protocol -> The Perfect Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) -
    ^The perfect PCT protocol will ensure your natural testosterone production fully recovers and you keep all the gains you made from your steroid cycle

    Second - If you have gyno, the best thing you can do to remove gyno from past steroid usage or puberty is to run the anti gyno protocol 3.0 -> Evolutionary Anti-Gynecomastia Cure 3.0 -
    Run the protocol exactly as laid out. I have seen it do wonders for removing even the worst cases of gyno.
    Trevor Kouritzin RHN, B.ENG
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    Evolutionary Radio podcast host

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    liquid version is the same dosage as tabs. just make sure you are getting a quality liquid cause most are shit. ag-guys sells top quality ancillaries

    and yes musky is right, just using a SERM only pct does not work ever. it drops IGF-1 and makes you feel like trash. you need to run a full pct, look up the perfect pct

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    PCT has its own protocol, with clomid, nolva, test boosters and preferably sarms.

    Anti gyno protocol has different things in it, such as letro, aromasin, nolva. You should read up those two different ones for two different purposes.

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    You should run your thorough PCT first. Make sure you do it 100% proper. After the PCT if you still have gyno you will have to run the anti gyno protocol. It is an extensive program but very effective.

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