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Thread: bulking tips

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    Default bulking tips

    Trying to start my bulking cycle, but I would like to know from you all experienced guys what to use during and after my cycle to keep my gains and restore my testosterone levels?

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    well during cycle you should be using an AI because the last thing you want to do is go into PCT with sky high estrogen levels

    also on cycle using n2guard as your support supplement will help you recover your lipid health faster

    during pct you should be using a SERM to 'bridge' your HPTA through the crash, and also using a strong t booster like hcgenerate (ES), some guys will also throw in GW, nutrobal, and/or a bit of ostarine too to help them preserve muscle and get through things

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    After cycle you should run a thorough PCT to help keep your gains. I recommend the Perfect PCT -

    This PCT includes things like HCGenerate ES, Cardarine, Ostarine, is the best PCT out there

    The other thing to remember is to not slack off on training or diet. You wont be as big or strong off cycle so a lot of guys let up. This is a sure way to lose gains.

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    Here's a good video for you to watch where I talk about the most common bulking and cutting mistakes people make ->

    When bulking, the #1 mistake I see people make is that they follow the 'dirty bulk'. I am guilty of this myself. When I was 18 I put on 40 in 6 months. I got big, I got strong...but I also got fat. When I dieted off all the body fat, I really didn't put on any more muscle then if I would of followed a clean bulk. All I really did was create a lot more work for myself to diet off all the fat I gained. When bulking, you want to stick to the same unprocessed, nutritious foods you would eat when cutting, but just eat larger quantities and include more calorie dense food options like whole eggs, lean red meat, natural almond butter etc.

    As for your cycle - the biggest mistake people make is not running an AI with their cycle and not running a proper PCT after their cycle.

    On cycle - run an AI like aromasin at 10mg EOD. Start the AI on day 1 of your cycle and run it throughout your entire cycle and PCT. The AI is VERY important to prevent against estrogen related side effects like gyno and water retention.

    After your cycle, run a good PCT protocol like the perfect PCT protocol. It will ensure you keep all the gains you made on your steroid cycle and that your natural testosterone production fully recovers.
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    You need to run PCT with compounds like clomid+nolva, test boosters and sarms if you want to increase the amount of muscle you will manage to maintain.

    There are a lot of protocols that people follow for these, one of which is the perfect PCT protocol

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