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Thread: how to cycle?

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    Default how to cycle?

    a friend of mine has stocks of testosterone enanthate, masteron, winstrol, anavar, tren, and clomid and nolva. i want to make a nice lean bulking cycle out of them but my lack of knowledge is not letting me. can you plz advise me how to cycle them properly with which ancillary drug and whatever else I should have on hand?? Thanks in advance.

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    Is this your first cycle? What are your stats as far as age, weight, height, body fat%, years training?

    If it is a first cycle this is all you will want to use:

    Weeks 1-12
    Test 500mg
    Aromasin 10mg EOD

    PCT -

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    Masteron is primarily a cosmetic drug, you aren't going to notice much from it unless you are 10% body fat or less. Winstrol isn't good for a bulking cycle because it causes a lot of users to experience severe joint pain. Tren is a VERY effective compound but VERY harsh compound in the way of side effects. I would wait until you have done 4-5 steroid cycles before using tren.

    I like the cycle lay out @masonic bodybuilder laid out. Simple and effective. You could add anavar to it if you wanted. If you add the anavar, also add a good liver aid supplement. Anavar is a liver toxic oral steroid and a good liver aid supplement will help keep liver toxicity to a minimum. Look for a liver aid supplement that contains TUDCA, NAC and milk thistle. I really like the product n2guard from

    A good anavar dosage is 40-60mg/day
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    honestly I would not buy gear off a friend like this. buy your own gear so you know it is legit, a lot of times your friend will sell you gear that is sketchy

    you need to do your own homework and put a cycle together. from there get your own gear and proper ancillaries. you can buy whatever you want from << looking for a legit source?

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    1-12 test e 500mg/week
    1-12 tren e 400mg/week
    1-12 mast e 400mg/week
    8-12 winny 40mg/day + anavar 60-70mg/day
    + aromasin & cabergoline throughout the whole cycle

    And perfect PCT protocol in the end.

    This would be a strong one. Dont know whether its the best one, but thats what I would do myself.

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