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Thread: wants to cut now

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    Default wants to cut now

    i have been bulking for the last one year and now want to cut down a bit. what would be the best cutting cycle for someone who has done three cycles by now?? how about a cycle with test e, winstrol, clen, and tren fina?

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    Throw clen out if that. It belongs in the trash. What is your full stats?

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    that stack will wreck your hair, joints, and health

    if you want to cut use sarms

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    I don’t know why people still use clen. It’s just an glorified fat burner with 5x the health concerns and it doesn’t even work that well. Drop the clen.

    Add GW501516 (cardarine)
    Add cardazol from banned nutrition (get both at esarms)

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    You do know you need to diet in a deficit to cut right? Any steroid cycle that doesn't cause significant water retention will suffice.

    The addition of SARMS will help considerably.


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