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Thread: what to try next?

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    Default what to try next?

    i have done two cycles till now. first was test e only 500mg a week and second cycle got over a month back with test e, deca, and dbol. i am thinking of running a cycle real quick and was wondering if anyone of you can plz guide me what will be good choices for a cutting cycle next? thanks.

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    primo or eq with a little test as a kick

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    How long was your last cycle? If I am reading this right, your last was about a month ago. You need to take a break that is at least as long as your last cycle plus PCT time before starting your next cycle, unless you are on TRT, in which case just omit the PCT part of the equation.

    Time off cycle = Time on cycle + PCT time

    Don't jump right back on, or your going to permanently screw up your ability to naturally produce test.

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    Test and eq

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