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Thread: how to stay safe on roids?

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    Default how to stay safe on roids?

    i will be running my first cycle next month end probably and want to know if there are any tips and precautions for beginners to follow? i am thinking of running a 12 week testosterone enanthate only cycle at 500mg a week along with arimidex 0.25mg eod from week 6th onwards and PCT with nolvadex and clomid. is that all good???

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    First thing you should always do when asking for steroid cycle advice is provide your full stats, and goals.

    Training history

    I want to make sure you're old enough and in the right condition.

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    Is this thread really from 2017?

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    i would atleast throw in n2generate in that pct.

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    Assuming you are in shape and of age, I'd start at around 350mg per week instead of 500. Also your AI needs to stay from day 1.

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