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Thread: nolvadex or clomid??

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    Default nolvadex or clomid??

    i am about to start my first cycle and want to know what would be the better PCT drug of the two: nolvadex or clomid? or they should be taken together? also, can you please guide me about their respective dosages and if i should start using them after 4 weeks after the initial cycle has come to an end?

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    Here is an article I wrote where I explain the differences between clomid and nolvadex ->

    The two drugs are very similar but each has it's own pluses and minuses. Rather then just use one in your PCT protocol, it's best to actually use both.

    Brother, follow the perfect PCT protocol after your workout - >

    The perfect PCT protocol is truly the best PCT you can run. It will ensure your natural testosterone production fully recovers and that you keep all the gains you made on your cycle.

    Follow the perfect PCT protocol exactly as laid out in the article. The start the PCT protocol the day after your last injection, but clomid and nolvadex aren't incorporated into the protocol until 2 weeks after your last injection.
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    I hope you aren't going to run them solo, that would be a horrible mistake. SERM's have nasty side effects, they should never be ran alone. you should run a comprehensive PCT, follow the perfect PCT layout posted above

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    These are very basic questions. I suggest you do a lot more research before jumping on a cycle. This is how people get hurt.

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    To begin with - you need to run both to say the very least. The only case where you would exclude nolva is when you run a trenbolone or deca in your cycle.

    Also, I would suggest doing up some more reading before starting the cycle. As I feel you will end up having health and hormone problems by the end of the cycle.

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