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Thread: Best way to take anavar?

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    Default Best way to take anavar?

    i am here for some questions on how to best use anavar in a cutting cycle. should i take anavar 80mg ed all at once or is it better to have it thrice in doses of 30mg spreadout through the day along with testosterone enanthate 250mg a week? thanks.

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    Anavar has a half life of 9 hours so it's best to split up your daily dosage.

    If you are taking 80mg per day, I would take 20mg with breakfast and dinner and 40mg pre workout every day.

    Remember to use a good liver aid supplement with your cycle since anavar is a liver toxic oral steroid. Look for a liver aid that contains NAC, TUDCA and milk thistle. I really like the product n2guard from
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    AM/PM dosage will work just fine

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    Twice per day is best due to the half life. Just remember that anavar is not a fat burner so it wont burn fat.

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    The half-life of anavar is approximately 9 hours.

    I would suggest taking 30 mg in the morning, 20mg during the day and 30 mg in the evening to have the most steady flow on the compound in the body.

    Of course you can also do half-half split inbetween 12 hour intervals.

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