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Thread: how to cut best?

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    Default how to cut best?

    i want to cut down fat and weight. have been a heavy weight for the last 10 years and so and it is time to change things for the good. what would be the best cutting cycle for a beginner? i have a cycle under my belt, it was test e only three years back. what do you recommend?

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    What are your stats now? Also what does your diet look like? Cutting is 90% diet. Steroids dont cut fat. There are things like cardarine and other compounds that can help, but only if you have your diet in line for the right progress

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    Please post your stats. Steroids don't burn fat they preserve muscle while dieting.

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    10 years of being heavy means you need to complete change what you are doing. just eating in a deficit and running steroids isn't going to do a thing for you except give you temporary results then you will just go back to what your body views as normal. homeostasis is a *****

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    Even if you ran some aggressive fat loss drugs like clen and T3 and lost a bunch of weight, you would gain it all right back as soon as you come off the drugs.

    If you've been over weight for 10 years, you need to totally restructure your diet and training. Diets don't work. It's all about making it a lifestyle
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    Diet is what will cut fat.

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