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Thread: how to use anavar?

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    Default how to use anavar?

    i have been reading a lot about anavar and must say there are so many mixed reviews out there that anyone would go more confused than ever before. can anyone please help me plan out anavar only cycle? is testosterone base a must? if yes, what would be the best dosages and PCT? thanks.

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    Unless you are a female, an anavar only cycle is a complete waste of time

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    First cycles should be Test only... 350mg with an AI.

    Not sure what the fascination is with Anavar.

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    var only is going to be a mild cycle.. it depends on your goals

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    Anavar is very mild. You won't get much out of an anavar only cycle as a man. A nice cosmetic/hardening effect and maybe 5 pounds of muscle at the most
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    I wouldn't bother with an anavar only cycle. Very mild and not androgenic enough.

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