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Thread: Test Cyp and Tren Ace help

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    Default Test Cyp and Tren Ace help

    i am thinking about running testosterone cypionate 250mg a week and trenbolone acetate 200mg a week for 14 weeks and wondering if these are the right and best dosages. also, how much time does they take to kick in, should I start tren and cyp at the same time and end the cycle with tren? have also got Caber, HCG, and Nolva for PCT and cycle support. please do let me know.

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    What is your full stats experience and goals?

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    14 weeks on tren is quite ambitious

    by week 6 or 7 you will hate it

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    Tren is for advanced users and by the questions you are asking you are not advanced.

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    You never want to use HCG in a PCT protocol because it is suppressive.

    Check out the perfect PCT sticky. It explains how to properly run a PCT after each steroid cycle ->!-49252.html
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