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Thread: how to improve muscle size and gains?

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    Default how to improve muscle size and gains?

    I'm a male 31 years old, 180lb, do gym 5 days a week, having a really hard time to keep muscle gains. what roid will be good for me to improve muscle size and gains? also, what would be the shelf life and how should I store --- in the fridge?

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    steroids are icing on the cake. if you aren't able to build and keep muscle, then we need to take a look at your training first and what you do outside the gym. poor sleep will do it every time

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    You're looking for a quick fix - there is no such thing.

    Steroids obviously do work but I would spend some time looking at improving your diet/training before venturing into steroids.

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    You need to eat and train properly for many years. That is how you build a good muscular physique.

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