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Thread: suggestions to improve muscle mass

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    Default suggestions to improve muscle mass

    i go to gym 5 days a weeks for the last 6 months but i am not too happy with my results. i want to improve muscle mass and size. do not have huge expectations but do have some. can you plz guide me in the right direction?

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    it is hard to help you here.. gaining in the gym takes many years, but also it boils down to genetics and training correctly.

    i would say 95% of people at the gym train innefficiently.. just cause you get in a sweat and are there an hour doesn't mean you are training right. there is a method to the madness

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    What does your diet look like?

    Look around your typical gym. Everyone is doing pretty much the same exercises. Why do some people see results but the majority don't? It's what they're doing outside the gym. Their diet.
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    I am with Muskate on this need food to grow. Give us an idea of your diet by day.

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