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Thread: deca and sustanon help

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    Default deca and sustanon help

    i'm 26, 180cm, and have been a regular with workouts for the last 2 years. i did my first cycle with test e 500mg a week for 14 weeks a year back and now want to run my second cycle with probably sustanon 500mg a week and deca 350-450mg a week for 18 weeks. goal is to be in good shape and look shredded and bulk up. what do you say?

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    18 weeks is a long time on... that is the danger zone when cycling over 14-16 weeks on.

    you don't want to fuck up your HPTA already at 26 right?

    so do it like this

    12 weeks

    sustanon 250-500mg a week
    deca 400mg a week
    proviron 25mg per day

    perfect pct including hcgenerate

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    I agree with @Stevesmi

    Recovery issues really become an issue when you start to do cycles longer then 16 weeks in duration. I would do 12-16 weeks.

    The cycle lay out @Stevesmi gave you looks great. A good dosage of aromasin is 10mg EOD.
    I would also add in an anti-prolactin drug like cabergoline since deca is a nandrolone and will raise prolactin levels in the body. Cabergoline at 0.25mg EOD is a good dosage.

    Here is the link to the prefect PCT protocol ->
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    12-14 weeks is a perfect range with deca. You want to get the most out of the long ester but you still want to be able to recover properly.

    Definitely run proviron and caber with deca to prevent prolactin issues as well as deca dick.

    Aromasin is very important too because both test and deca aromatize.

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