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Thread: typical cutting doses?

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    Default typical cutting doses?

    What is a typical dose of winstrol, anavar, and testosterone enanthate for fat reduction and gaining strength. also how long should a cutting cycle last? are they good for women too? if yes, how about anavar only cycle dosages for my gf who is 29, 5'8"??

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    these are a lot of basic questions. I see you signed up last summer, you should have spent more time researching since then. if you go to our website you can read about each of those compounds

    also steroids are not fat reduction drugs. they can be utilized in a caloric deficit to prevent loss of muscle, that is where they shine with guys who are cutting.. but that starts in the kitchen

    if you want my honest opinion for your gf she should target using SARM's instead. sarm's do burn fat and are anabolic. they do not come with the androgenic sides like steroids.

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    Check out this article I wrote on women and anavar ->

    In my opinion, the only two steroids safe for females to use are anavar and primobolan. Any other steroid is going to have enough androgenic properties to cause permanent emasculating side effects like clit enlargement, facial hair growth etc.

    Asking what dosages to use is like asking how much to eat. It depends on your body size, previous AAS experience, genetics, age etc. It's almost impossible for us to answer your question. It's always best to start with the lowest dosage possible.

    Most men with use a testosterone dosage of 400-600mg/week
    Most men will use a winstrol dosage of 40-60mg/day
    Most men will use a anavar dosage of 40-60mg/day, women will use 10mg/day
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    Sounds like SARMs are a much better option for you. Steroids do not burn fat........not anavar, not winny, no steroids.

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