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Thread: how to make gains during PCT?

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    Default how to make gains during PCT?

    I have been running testosterone enanthate 500mg a week for the 14 weeks and started with PCT today. is there anyway i could maximixe my muscle mass and strength gains during post cycle therapy? if yes, how? dosages, etc?

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    do you know other people who cycle steroids? most of them have done many cycles and still look like shit. it isn't about GAINS, it is about results

    until you get your diet and training on point, truly on point.. it won't matter how much you gain or hold on pct. most of the gains you make on a cycle are water and fat if you moved the scale a lot. your goal should be 1-2 pounds of actual muscle pass PER YEAR, not the gain 20 pounds of slop and hold 10 pounds during pct that everyone wants to do

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    ---- so my point is if you gained 15, 10, heck even 5 pounds on your steroid cycle you are doing it wrong in the first place.

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    Not keeping the majority of the gains you made on your steroid cycle is usually the result of:
    1. Not running a proper PCT after your steroid cycle.
    2. Not training and eating with the same intensity after the cycle as you did on cycle.

    What put the muscle on the first place is what will keep it there after your PCT - HARD training and a high protein diet.

    A proper PCT ensures your natural testosterone production fully recovers and that you keep the majority of the gains you made on your steroid cycle. I recommend everyone follow the perfect PCT after each steroid cycle ->!-49252.html
    Trevor Kouritzin RHN, B.ENG
    Human Nutrition masters student
    Pro bodybuilder, International model
    Evolutionary Radio podcast host

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    Just continue to do what has worked so far. Your results will be different than being on so you just want to maximize what works for you.

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