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Thread: help with roids??

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    Default help with roids??

    i am a newbie here and want to know what would be an ideal steroid cycle for beginners look like. i am 25 and work out 5 days a week, been a regular for the last six years, goal is to cut down a bit and gain strength and mass. what would you recommend for me?

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    steroids do not cut you down man. cut down FIRST.. then you use the steroids

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    Get your body fat down to 10-12% first. Then use steroids.

    Run your first steroid cycle like this -

    Weeks 1 - 10
    testosterone 500mg/week
    aromasin 10mg EOD

    After the cycle run the perfect PCT protocol ->!-49252.html
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    Cut down first without steroids. They do not help with fat burning.

    Once you are ready to add mass then run the cycle posted above.

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