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Thread: pain after jabbing

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    Default pain after jabbing

    new to the forums. i have done only orals till now and now trying out liquids. i started with 1ml deca and 1ml sustanon in the same 1.1/2 23g syringe. i got first jab in right thigh though there was no swelling or blood but there was bad pain in the leg. a friend at the gym asked me to switch to glute and massage well. how to handle this thing?

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    I agree with your friend completely. I recommend glutes as the only injection site for your first cycle. It's a really easy site with no nerves or veins and pretty much impossible to screw up. Alternate butt cheeks each injection.

    In this article series I explain how to do injections ->

    There are 5 main causes of PIP:
    first the shorter the ester, the higher the melting point. The shorter the ester - the more PIP
    second, the concentration of the gear. The higher the concentration - the more PIP
    third, the solvents used. The more BA - the more PIP
    fourth, injecting too quickly
    fifth, virgin muscle.

    It's completely normal to experience some PIP when using a virgin muscle. You will most likely experience some PIP with every injection you do during your cycle. It's the test prop in the sust that causes the PIP. It's nothing to be overly concerned about.

    Here are some additional tips for reducing PIP:

    1. Heat up the oil prior to injecting. Run the vial under hot water for 1-2 minutes. Heating up the oil will bring it closer to body temperature and make the oil disperse from the muscle into the blood stream much easier.

    2. Gently massage the injection site for 1-2 minutes after the injection. It'll help disperse the oil into the blood stream.

    3. I am a big advocate of training the muscle you injected into that day. It'll help disperse the oil from the muscle into the blood stream. In other words, try to time your glute injection on the day you train legs/glutes.
    Trevor Kouritzin RHN, B.ENG
    Human Nutrition masters student
    Pro bodybuilder, International model
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    you will have to learn new injection sites.. I like the delts, pecs and quads myself

    a bad injection is going to happen. sometimes the muscle just doesn't like being injected

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    You will have PIP regardless of where you pin at this point because it is all virgin muscle. I always pin glutes when I can because it is hard to miss the right spot and there is no pain once you have done it a few times.

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