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Thread: My plan, need help

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    Default My plan, need help

    i have been lifting for three years, work out 5 days a week and also into cardio. i am veg and don't even consume eggs. i know some do but not me. i want to improve my chest, appearance, and workout performance and want to know if a cycle with test e, dbol, and EQ will be good for me? if not, what would you recommend?

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    if you have been lifting for 3 years and your chest hasn't grown it wasn't because you didn't eat eggs lol.

    either your training is off or you simply have poor chest genetics.

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    It sounds to me like you either:
    1. have very narrow clavicles which give the appearance of a small and narrow chest
    2. there is something very wrong with your chest training

    A lot of guys who are shoulder dominant have their shoulders take over the pressing movement. Really focus on developing a good mind muscle connection the next couple of chest workouts. Focus on keeping your shoulders rolled back and pressed into the bench
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