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Thread: receding hairline, on cycle, help

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    Default receding hairline, on cycle, help

    I have been running my third cycle. using anadrol, trenbolone acetate, and testosterone enanthate along with arimidex; PCT will be executed with clomid and nolva. in week 8th of my 18 week cycle and have started noticing that i am losing more hair than ever. should I quit the cycle right now? what should i do now?

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    Trenbolone and winstrol are the two worst steroids for hair loss. If you really concerned about your hairline, I would drop the tren from your cycle.

    The safest steroids for your hair line are anavar and deca.

    However, using any steroid will speed up hair loss. It's inevitable. How much it speeds it up and how fast you loose your hair is dosage dependant and largely based on your genetics.

    The best thing you can do for hair loss prevention is:
    1. supplement with finasteride at 1mg/day
    2. Daily use of a 2% nizoral shampoo
    3. Daily use of a good anti-hairloss shampoo like n2shampoo from
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    It is up to you whether you want to stop the cycle or not. Steroid use will definitely contribute to hair loss but most of it is genetic......they just speed it up. It just depends how much you like having hair. You are also running some compounds that are tough on hair line.

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