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Thread: when can i start using gear?

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    Default when can i start using gear?

    i have been working out regularly for the last 6 years. i am 25 and want to put on some nice muscle. is 25 a good age to start using steroids? i have read on so many forums that it is best to wait in teen years not to use roids but i guess i am well above them now. what do you say and which products would you recommend for a cutting cycle? dosages, AI, PCT -- please guide on them.. thanks.

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    25 is still too young to be honest. as a man you fully mature at 25-30.. heck look at a pic of your uncle or dad when he was 30 compared to 20 and you will see a huge difference in maturity

    anyway if you do want to use steroids do a search on them and what they do. the first thing is steroids are not cutters.

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    25 is the bear minimum age to start using gear. I would take the next couple of years educating yourself on steroids and then plan to run your first cycle around age 26-27.

    A testosterone only cycle is your best option for a first cycle.

    Something like this -

    weeks 1 - 10
    testosterone 500mg/week
    aromasin 10mg EOD

    followed by the perfect PCT ->!-49252.html
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    I don't put it at just a number but factor in things like maturity, development, and how consistent you are with diet and training.

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