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Thread: Need instructions

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    hello friends, i am 21, 66kg, and 5'7". my goal is to develop good bone density and reduce tummy and face fat along with dramatic increases in body muscles with cuts and nice abs. would you recommend me to try a cycle with trenbolone, dbol, anavar, testosterone enanthate, and winstrol? this will be my second cycle overall. thanks.

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    you are 145 pounds and 21 years old

    get on a workout program and diet and then 5-10 years from now MAYBE it will be time for steroids.

    the fact that you think that steroids are that magical is proof that this entire bodybuilding ******** is a ruse.

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    I agree with @Stevesmi

    You are way too young for steroids - and they aren't even necessary. Your testosterone levels are already through the roof at your age. Just focus on your diet and training.
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    You just need to learn how to eat. Steroids will do no good here for your goals nor your age. Stay far far away from them.

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