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Thread: clen and anavar

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    Default clen and anavar

    hi fellas! whats up? i want to add anavar and clenbuterol for a cutting cycle of possibly 10-14 weeks. can you plz provide me with some insights on the recommended dose of clenbuterol and anavar. also, is it necessary to run a testosterone-based compound with every cycle?? thanks for your advice in advance. cheers!

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    Brother, do some more research on clen.

    Clen simply raises metabolism. It does not differentiate between muscle or fat. Clen might raise your metabolism an additional 100-200 calories per day. You could just easily do an extra 15 minutes of cardio. I have used clen in the past and I always felt it did more harm then good. It caused muscle cramps when I was training and it really negatively impacted my sleep.

    There are better alternatives that directly increase fat loss, with no risk of loosing muscle mass and no side effects like insomnia or muscle cramps. Cardarine gw is going to be your best option. It directly increases fat loss, endurance and recovery. It is not a stimulant or a hormone and is pretty much void of side effects.

    The gains from an oral only cycle won't be quite as good as a cycle where you run a testosterone base but you can still make really good gains and keep them with a proper cycle lay out and PCT.

    In this video I explain how to safely run a anavar oral only steroid cycle ->

    It looks like this -
    Weeks 1 - 10
    Anavar 40mg/day (20mg AM 20mg PM)
    cardarine 20mg/day
    A good natural liver aid supplement like N2guard - 1 serving/day
    A good natural testosterone booster like HCGenerate - 1 serving/day

    Followed by a mini PCT to restore natural testosterone production.
    4 weeks of the following:
    clomid at 25mg/day
    nolvadex at 20mg/day
    A good natural liver aid supplement like N2guard - 1 serving/day
    A good natural testosterone booster like HCGenerate ES - 1 serving/day
    Trevor Kouritzin RHN, B.ENG
    Human Nutrition masters student
    Pro bodybuilder, International model
    Evolutionary Radio podcast host

    For training inquires please send me a private message or email [email protected]

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    It is indeed recommended to use testosterone as your base, since anavar is not androgenic enough, and you will need to raise your test levels. However, you should not run anavar for 14 weeks, as it will cause excessive stress on the liver. And clenbuterol is definitely not a good choice for fat loss - too many side effects with doubtful results.

    I really like @mustkate's cycle of Anavar with Cardarine - this cycle will be much safer, and it will be very effective indeed. You might as well consider running a SARMS solo cycle, which would also be quite good. You could be well off with a much milder PCT, and there will be no suppression at all.

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    clen for 14 weeks? I used it for 1 week and felt like death on it. I mean if you insist on using it then go for it, but don't be afraid to give up on it if/when you start feeling like ass

    if you want to cut fat steroids do not burn fat. so using var isn't going to do a thing. remember in those studies that showed using var cut fat the rodents were literally starved. the purpose of the study was to see how well var prevented muscle wasting, which it does. however to actually burn fat you must be in a cal deficit. so if your diet isn't on point then you won't accomplish much anyway

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