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Thread: Test E/Adrol/Tren A

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    Default Test E/Adrol/Tren A

    hey everyone, this is my first post here. i have been a competitive climber and now running for a physique show. i'm considering a cycle with anadrol at 50mg ed for first 5 weeks, test e for 16 weeks at 250mg twice a week, and trenbolone acetate 200mg a week along with arimidex .25mg eod and PCT will be handled with clomid and nolva. am i all good?

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    i wouldn't stack anadrol and tren together personally.. the sides are simply too much. and then you got 500mg of test on top of that.. it will be 3 androgens together.

    swap out anadrol for a mild compound which will be good especially since you are doing physique.. do var or tbol instead. and you can finish with winny or a variation of that. also 500mg of test is fine but it needs to be cut way back or stopped ahead of your show as it does bloat

    your pct is weak. look up the perfect pct and you will be glad you did

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    First of all, both anadrol and trenbolone will increase prolactin levels, so it is not a good idea to combine them together, as it is going to be hard to control that hormone. Besides, anadrol is definitely not a good choice for someone planning to compete in physique, because it will cause so much bloating and water retention, and you will have a very hard time controlling that. Turinabol would definitely be a much better choice, as it will give very noticeable gains, but without the prolactin problems, or water retention as it does not convert into estrogen.

    Also, you will need to use cabergoline in order to control prolactin levels. 0.25 mgs E2D from the first day of the cycle is a good dosage. As for the AI, I would rather recommend to go with aromasin, as it will improve lipids, unlike arimidex and trenbolone. It has tons of other important advantages.

    Finally, the PCT is very weak. If you want to keep the gains, have an easy recovery, and prevent water retention. Consider running the perfect PCT protocol -

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    It could be a really good cycle if you ran proper supports. I don't have an issue with anadrol and tren because your doses are fairly low. 50mg anadrol is a good starting dose and 200mg per week tren should not really give much if any side effects. I think you are good but I would fix the PCT. Nolva and Clomid alone are not enough. You at least need a good natural test booster like HCGenerate ES. I would actually prefer to have to have you run the entire Perfect PCT -!-49252.html

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    I really don't have too much to add to the suggestions already given.

    If you are using test e, it would make the most sense to stack it with tren e so you only have to do 2 injections per week.

    Tren is very hard on the body. I personally wouldn't run it 16 weeks. I like 10-12 weeks for tren.

    Finally, I would add in a good liver aid support supplement when using anadrol. Anadrol is a very effective steroid but it is also very liver toxic. Look for a liver aid supplement that contains TUDCA, NAC and milk thistle. The product n2guard from is really good
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