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Thread: How much gains one can keep?

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    Default How much gains one can keep?

    i started a cycle 6 weeks back. the original plan is to run the cycle with testosterone enanthate 500mg a week and deca 450mg a week for 16 weeks wherein dianabol was used to kickstart gains at 50mg ed. can anyone plz let me know how much gains can be kept and what is the best way to do it?

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    Generally speaking, if you do everything right - you should be able to keep 70-80% of the gains you made on your steroid cycle.

    Not keeping the majority of the gains you made on your steroid cycle is usually the result of:
    1. Not running a proper PCT after your steroid cycle.
    2. Not training and eating with the same intensity after the cycle as you did on cycle.

    What put the muscle on the first place is what will keep it there after your PCT - HARD training and a high protein diet.

    A proper PCT ensures your natural testosterone production fully recovers and that you keep the majority of the gains you made on your steroid cycle. I recommend everyone follow the perfect PCT after each steroid cycle ->!-49252.html

    The perfect PCT is arguably the best PCT protocol you can run. It is comprised of the SERMS clomid and nolvadex, the AI aromasin, HCGenerate ES (a good natural testosterone booster), N2guard (a liver/organ detox supplement) and the SARMS ostarine and cardarine.
    Trevor Kouritzin RHN, B.ENG
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    It is very hard to predict exactly how much of the gains can be kept after the cycle because there are so many factors involved there. As a general rule, @muskate has given you a good figure - approximately 70-80% in the ideal conditions. These conditions are the running of a proper PCT, and maintaining your training routine together with proper nutrition. Most guys who lose much their gains either don't have a proper PCT in line, or they don't train as intensively anymore, or both things. Therefore, if you want to keep your gains, don't go cheap on your PCT, and train hard.

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    impossible to answer that.. too many factors in play

    generally fast and big gains are harder to keep. it is the consistent slow gains that are easier to keep.

    if guys gained 20 pounds on a cycle and added 50 pounds to a bench press and actually kept that they would run 5 cycles and gain 100 pounds + 250 pounds on their bench. is that realistic or possible? NO.

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    There is no way to give you an exact number on what you can gain. Remember that diet and nutrition are the most important parts and these vary from person to person. It is not that you can take the gear ran and say it will add x amount of lbs.

    Main thing is to not slack of during PCT or after and keep up with your diet at that time too.

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