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Thread: feeling crummy

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    Default feeling crummy

    i have been using steroids for almost five years and must have injected myself at least 70-80 times. yesterday i injected testosterone cypionate 400mg and deca 300mg. shortly after, i got light headed with a racing pulse and short of breath. i had to lay down for close to 20-30 minutes. i still am feeling like tightness in my lungs as if i am getting over bronchitis. any word of advice??

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    It sounds to me like your body is burnt out If you are starting to feel crummy, that's a red flag that it's time to get off cycle, run a PCT and take some time off.

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    honestly it sounds like it was a poor injection. you just hit a bad spot and your body rejected it

    next time pin post a hot shower when your body is relaxed

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