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Thread: soreness after workout

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    Default soreness after workout

    i am into week 7th into my first cycle. i have started noticing that i'm getting more sore after my workouts than i ever used to. earlier, it was only when if i was hitting a muscle but now after every workout. is it bcoz i am able to push harder or is something wrong? just for info, i am putting in a lot of miles running. thanks.

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    You have answered your own question - steroids will make you work much harder, and therefore, the muscles will tear up more, and will cause more soreness. If this soreness if beginning to bother you, make sure to eat more protein, and perhaps take an extra rest day each week. Sometimes a rest day will do for you much more than another training day.

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    you can be very sore out of nowhere if you were to change up your workouts and hit different muscles. that isn't uncommon

    soreness is the muscle fibers ripping and inflammation. it isn't lactic acid or some other myth you see people in gyms parrot. the best way to prevent soreness is be conditioned in the first place, but after you get it SLEEP and proper nutrition goes a long way

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    Being sore is actually a good thing. It means your workouts are effective.

    Being overly sore - that's not good but having a small amount of post workout soreness is a positive thing.

    The best thing you can do to recover from your workouts is to sleep 8 hours each night and follow a well balanced diet. Make sure you are eating enough protein. I recommend 1-1.5g of protein per pound of body weight.
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    You are probably just going much heavier and harder in the gym being on cycle. This sounds completely normal to me. If it gets to be too much take a day off or do a deload with light weights.

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