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Thread: tired off TRT on PCT

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    Default tired off TRT on PCT

    it has been almost 5 weeks since i took last TRT injection that was 200mg every week. i got some HCG shots too. i have been feeling really weak, exhausted, tired, and there are no pumps. should i give up and go back on TRT?

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    Did you run a PCT after coming off TRT?

    Using steroids at any dosage is going to suppress natural testosterone production. Trying to just get off TRT cold turkey isn't going to work. What you need to do is get off TRT and run a PCT to try and restore your natural testosterone production.

    What you need to do is run a proper PCT to try and restore natural testosterone production. I recommend the perfect PCT ->!-49252.html

    After the perfect PCT, wait 4 weeks and then get blood work done. If your testosterone levels are still low, then sadly you need TRT and need to get back on.
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    you didn't really give any explanation here

    are you on a PCT? hcg is not pct.

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    If you are trying to get off TRT and recover then I would stop using the HCG. You want to run the Perfect PCT which will help you to have a soft landing into recovery. I would run it and get blood work a month after it is complete. Then you can see if you were able to recover or if you should go back on TRT.!-49252.html

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    What you are feeling is rather normal for those who get off cycle and don't run a proper PCT. However, first of all - was your TRT self-prescribed, or it was assigned by a doctor based on proper testing?

    After getting off AAS you definitely need to run a proper PCT, and HCG is not even close to being a proper PCT. Try running the perfect PCT protocol - I sincerely think that it is the best thing you can do in your situation. If this won't help, then most probably you will have to get back on your TRT.

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