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Thread: joint pain, tren??

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    Default joint pain, tren??

    i have been using testosterone enanthate 500mg a week and trenbolone acetate 150mg eod for the last 6 weeks in a cycle of 18 weeks. this is my third cycle overall. i am experiencing mild to severe joint pain ever since i started using tren. i have used test e quite often, but this is my first time with tren. can anyone help?

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    Try using a good natural joint supplement (the board sponsor makes an awesome product called n2 joint rx), fish oil, and turmeric to help reduce the inflammation and pain.
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    muskies suggestion is going to be your best option but dude. tren and other anabolics put a lot of pressure on your joints. and that doesn't even include the fact that you will are lifting harder and heavier which adds to the problem

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    If you plan to run 600mg of tren for 18 weeks you are going to have a lot more wrong than sore joints. Wait until you start pissing brown. I would dial it back to 300mg per week and run it 6-8 weeks. I would also lower the test to 300mg per week and run it 12 weeks. No need to run hormones longer than 12 weeks.

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