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Thread: Looking to gain lean mass

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    Default Looking to gain lean mass

    i am here to seek suggestions for a cutting cycle for my gf. she has used anavar before and now wants to cut down a bit. would an anavar only cycle with winny at the end of the cycle be a good choice?? or should it be anavar only throughout?

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    Winstrol is a TERRIBLE idea for a female. Winstrol is an extremely androgenic steroid. If you run winstrol, you will 100% experience emasculating side effects like clit enlarmgent, facial hair growth etc.

    The only two steroids that I feel women should use are primobolan and anavar. Any other steroid will contain enough androgenic properties that it can cause permanent emasculating effects like clit enlargement, facial hair growth etc.

    In this article I lay out primobolan cycles for women ->

    In this article I lay our anavar cycles for women ->

    The safest thing to use is SARMS. SARMS are completely anabolic substances so androgenic side effects like voice deepening, clit enlargement etc are impossible.
    You can learn more about SARMS here ->
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    Winstrol would definitely be a very bad idea, since it is one of the most androgenic steroids out there, so she will have a lot of probabilities of getting masculinization side effects. If she wants to lean out, and that is her only goal, then Cardarine GW would be the best choice. If she will consider that not being enough, she can use some additional SARMS, but in any case they will be a much safer alternative.

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    it isn't that winny is so androgenic as it is a DHT derivative. DHT is a sex hormone, it is what gives us penises as men. and is what trannies block when they want to be transgender. so giving such a potent DHT to a female is a risk

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    I would suggest something besides steroids in this case. Have her use the triple stack from sarms1. It will help her keep muscle, drop fat, and harden up.

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